The experts in employee surveys and engagement.

Employee engagement is key to building a motivated, committed, healthy and high-performing workforce. We can help you identify, track and manage the key factors that have an influence on employee engagement.

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Making surveys make a difference.

Providing flexible survey design, comprehensive and intuitive reporting and support with action planning means we can help you to turn your survey into an engaging initiative, not just a measurement tool.

Frankly, the survey is the easy bit! Where we bring our clients most value is before and after the survey.

Before – Designing a survey which is truly relevant to YOUR people and gaining buy-in through communication and training before survey launch helps to maximise response rates and provide rich data to interpret.

After – Providing tailored, visual reports for each audience in your organisation means that we can more effectively engage everyone in the results in a way that they can understand and quickly identify actions.

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Employee Surveys

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Our engagement surveys procide reliable measures and insight to help you build engagement.

Pulse Surveys

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Solutions for keeping track of levels of engagement more regularly in fast changing and uncertain times.

Interviews & Focus Groups

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Getting ‘beneath the surface’ for in-depth opinion and sentiment.

Reporting & Action Planning

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Making your results actionable to achieve positive change.

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Powerful online reporting with external benchmarking.

Our reporting system allows you to examine your results for significant differences within your organisation, compare results between surveys and compare to other similar organisations.

Generating charts and traffic light reports with a few simple clicks, you can share results with leaders and managers across the business so that actions can be taken where they matter.

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Our way of thinking.

We have translated academic theory and evidence into simple, practical and actionable models in order to help you to think about, communicate and measure engagement.

Our Head, Heart and Hands model of engagement is used to form an Engagement Index, allowing you to track the level of engagement and proportion of ‘Engaged’ employees across the business.

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