25 09, 2018

How to Yield Meaningful Data from Engagement Surveys

2018-09-18T15:59:45+00:00September 25th, 2018|

An engagement survey is a powerful tool that can reveal key insights for HR practitioners, managers and leadership teams. Leveraging surveys is paramount if organisations want to create a truly happy and engaged workforce, but not all surveys are guaranteed to deliver meaningful results. Surveys that aren’t designed effectively, lack any direction or fail to get buy-in from those participating, will struggle to offer any real insight for leadership teams. Here at Primary Colours Surveys, a lot goes into ensuring our clients gain actionable insights and organisational impact from their surveys. We pride ourselves on working very closely with our [...]

20 09, 2018

Wellbeing at Work – A 2018 Review of Current Trends, Data, and Theory

2018-09-20T10:09:26+00:00September 20th, 2018|

On average, people spend roughly a third of their life at work. This equates to around 90,000 hours in a lifetime. Work is a major part of our lives and therefore has a huge impact on our overall quality of life and wellbeing. This highlights the importance of wellbeing at work, and ensuring our workplaces are environments that positively contribute to our overall mental and physical wellbeing. As discussed in a previous blog post, “engagement and wellbeing; you can’t have one without the other,” employee engagement has become a growing focus for businesses and leaders, even gaining support and [...]

28 07, 2018

8 Actionable Ideas to Increase Employee Morale That You Can Implement Today

2018-07-17T17:17:06+00:00July 28th, 2018|

Employee morale and   will have a defining role in how effective and successful an organisation can be. This means that taking the time to understand how engaged your employees currently are and what is impacting their engagement and wellbeing, is vital for businesses to retain their top talent. Below, we’ve outlined 8 simple ways businesses can increase morale and engagement in their workforce that any organisation can implement today. It doesn’t matter if you’re a family business or a multinational corporation, these simple ideas can easily make a difference. This is by no means an exhaustive list, so for [...]

12 07, 2018

Employee Burnout – Identifying and Preventing Burnout with High Performing Employees

2018-06-28T11:57:17+00:00July 12th, 2018|

It can happen in any industry, to any employee. A once eager, enthusiastic and engaged employee becomes an irritated, stressed and unproductive member of the team. Employee burnout is a real problem in workplaces all around the world. But why does this happen and what can employers do to prevent their star employees becoming burnt out and leaving the organisation? What is Meant by Employee Burnout? Firstly, it’s important to identify what is exactly meant by “employee burnout.” Employee burnout can be seen as the emotional and physical response to chronic stress in the workplace and negative perceptions of work. [...]

6 07, 2018

Staff Survey Reporting – Analysing and Reporting on your Staff Surveys

2018-05-25T11:01:12+00:00July 6th, 2018|

Employee engagement is key to building a motivated, committed, healthy and high-performing workforce. Staff surveys, such as pulse surveys and focus groups, are a great way to measure and track employee engagement. The ability to create meaningful conclusions and insights from your employee engagement surveys will ensure your business gets the most out of these tools. When conducting any type of staff survey, there are 2 vital components (that are often forgotten about). Firstly, designing a survey which is truly relevant to YOUR people and gaining buy-in through communication and training before the survey launches, to help maximise response rates [...]

28 06, 2018

Career Development Surveys – Using Surveys to Support Employee Development

2018-05-25T10:47:48+00:00June 28th, 2018|

Career development and progression is often an important factor for employee engagement. Businesses that fail to communicate and deliver on development opportunities and career progression are likely to experience an exodus of top talent to competitors. Organisations with employees who actively learn and develop themselves professionally are also likely to benefit from a more highly skilled workforce, able to achieve greater results. So, how can businesses understand if their employees feel motivated or unengaged when it comes to career development opportunities? Employee engagement surveys are the perfect place to start. They help businesses conduct meaningful research into how employees are [...]

18 06, 2018

Employee Motivation – How to Motivate Employees in 2018

2018-05-25T11:04:05+00:00June 18th, 2018|

Whether businesses want to admit it or not, the level of motivation within their workforce will play a defining role in the overall success of that organisation. Employee motivation is a pillar of employee performance – a driver that can determine whether an employee struggles to live up to their potential, or whether they provide outstanding results for the business. The level of motivation they have will impact what they can achieve. It will also help to shape the culture and atmosphere in a business, something that can’t be ignored in today’s working world. Unmotivated employees can end up being [...]

1 06, 2018

7 Benefits of Using Focus Groups for Improving Employees

2018-06-13T09:07:56+00:00June 1st, 2018|

Here at Primary Colours Surveys, we take great pride in using focus groups as part of our thorough research processes to improve employee engagement for our clients. Focus groups are just one of the tools we use that help us delve deeper into particular areas of value or concern. Numerical data can be a key part of research but sometimes to understand the whole story, focus groups and a qualitative approach to research is also extremely valuable. But what exactly are focus groups, and why would an organisation choose to use them? What is a Focus Group? A focus group [...]

24 05, 2018

How to Improve Employee Retention & Keep your Top Talent

2018-06-13T09:08:42+00:00May 24th, 2018|

The ability for organisations to retain their top talent is a vital component in their overall success. Employee turnover and bad hires can be extremely costly, so businesses need to prioritise hiring the right people, and retaining these people within the organisation. Finding new talent externally is time consuming, expensive and draining on resources, meaning businesses with high employee turnover may never reach their full potential. It can also have an impact on other employees and contribute to negative feelings towards the workplace. Other employees may start wondering “why is everyone leaving?” and resenting the added pressure that turnover can [...]

12 05, 2018

Pulse Surveys – HR’s Handy Guide to Pulse Surveys

2018-06-13T09:09:29+00:00May 12th, 2018|

Measuring employee engagement can’t be an afterthought for organisations of any size. Understanding your employees is vital for building a motivated, committed, healthy and high-performing workforce. From understanding the sentiment towards tasks, people or processes, to understanding reactions to large company events, or career progression, understanding those who work for your organisation is the key to unlocking their full potential. A popular and effective type of employee engagement survey is the Pulse Survey. What is a Pulse Survey? Pulse Surveys are short, specific engagement surveys, used to provide useful information on employee satisfaction and engagement. They can be used to [...]