Our Products & Services.

How we can help you to measure and improve employee engagement.

At Primary Colours Surveys, our products and services are designed to help you to gain actionable insight from your employees in a way that makes them to feel comfortable to give their honest and full opinions. Our consultants are experienced Business Psychologists, meaning they can expertly interpret the data we create and provide business-relevant conclusions and recommendations using their wealth of experience across sectors.

For annual employee engagement surveys we provide three levels of service to suit different budgets and needs in terms of tailoring and consultant expertise – see our employee survey packages. Pulse surveys are another option for gathering more regular employee engagement data.

We also offer face to face employee research using either one-to-one interviews or focus groups, which enable more in-depth research or a more sensitive way of dealing with employment issues such as bullying, stress or feelings towards management.

Employee Surveys

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Our engagement surveys procide reliable measures and insight to help you build engagement.

Pulse Surveys

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Solutions for keeping track of levels of engagement more regularly in fast changing and uncertain times.

Interviews & Focus Groups

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Getting ‘beneath the surface’ for in-depth opinion and sentiment.

Reporting & Action Planning

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Making your results actionable to achieve positive change.