Interviews & Focus Groups.

Gathering opinion in person to make positive change fast.

Surveys produce a lot of numerical data. This data, whilst useful, may not always be able to tell you the whole story. So, on occasion you may want a deeper understanding of particular areas of value or concern.

Our consultants are experienced researchers, using best-practice methods and software tools to collect, analyse and interpret qualitative feedback data.  Qualitative research can occur before, during or after organisational surveys.


This can include focus groups used to help define those issues which are most important to staff in order to design a survey which is going to be most relevant to them. This also helps to gain commitment to the survey process as staff feel engaged in its development from the start.


We always include free-text questions in our surveys which offer staff the chance to provide more detailed feedback. These often include questions such as ‘What one thing do you value most about working here?’ and ‘What one thing would you most like to change about working here?’

Using these comments we can run thematic analysis and produce reports which summarise the key themes emerging from free-text data.


Some results from organisational surveys can require more in depth research in order to fully understand and be able to act on them.

In these cases one-to-one interviews can be used to more robustly look into the detail around sensitive issues such as well-being, bullying or staff turnover.

Focus groups can also be used for less sensitive issues such as gathering more detailed opinion and ideas on leadership or management, learning and development, reward or communication methods.

Employee Surveys

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Our engagement surveys procide reliable measures and insight to help you build engagement.

Pulse Surveys

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Solutions for keeping track of levels of engagement more regularly in fast changing and uncertain times.

Interviews & Focus Groups

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Getting ‘beneath the surface’ for in-depth opinion and sentiment.

Reporting & Action Planning

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Making your results actionable to achieve positive change.