Pulse Surveys.

A constant state of change.

Employee engagement is not a static state, it ebbs and flows. Research has shown it can change on a daily basis depending on peoples’ experiences. Full census organisational surveys are important for gathering a detailed picture of staff opinions about their working lives, however they provide one snap-shot in time and do not provide insight into how levels of staff satisfaction, commitment and motivation change over the course of a year. That’s where pulse surveys come in.

Pulse surveys can be used to track the Engagement Index, KPIs and perhaps a few topic areas more regularly than full census surveys. They are inexpensive and easy to implement and place less of a burden on the organisation.

At least one pulse survey in between your annual survey can help to better track the impact of change. However, many organisations now use even shorter surveys daily, weekly or monthly to track employee mood. 
Equally, regular staff forums, social media and communication boards via intranets can all help to more regularly engage in 2-way communication with staff.

Measuring and driving employee engagement as you would financial KPI’s could look like this:

Employee Surveys

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Our engagement surveys procide reliable measures and insight to help you build engagement.

Pulse Surveys

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Solutions for keeping track of levels of engagement more regularly in fast changing and uncertain times.

Interviews & Focus Groups

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Getting ‘beneath the surface’ for in-depth opinion and sentiment.

Reporting & Action Planning

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Making your results actionable to achieve positive change.